12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: topromen noodles mein bhi msg hota hai?

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Answer: Yes, avoid during pregnancy as it has lead and it to lead posioning for the fetus. Eat some healthy foods such as fruits, green veggies, few almonds, til Chikki, cashew nut, 1-2 dates and lots of pomegranate juice.
Answer: hello dear yes hota hai.. i suggest you to avoid maggie during pregnancy.. there is no such ingredient in maggie which provides nutrit6ional benefits to your baby
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Question: hello doctor Mera 13 weeks pregnancy chal raha hai mujhe weakness bahut jyada hai Jiske Karan Pair Hath Mein Bhi Dard Hota hai bhukh bhi Nahi Lagta
Answer: Hello Due to dilation of blood vessels there is an increased circulation that causes to lower the blood pressure this can be the reason for dizziness. The doctors don't prescribe medicines until the bp lowered is serious. Avoid getting up suddenly while ur sitting or sleeping always take time. Try not to stand for long periods of time as this can cause tiredness. Eat small meals through out the day avoid long periods of starvation. Don't take hot showers or hot baths. Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink more water and wear loose fitted clothes . Hope I helped
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Question: Helo mam mera baby bar bar fata hua milk nikal rha hai or bar bar tougue muh mein ghumata rehta hai milk bhi muh mein hi rakha hota hai burp bhi le leta hai je normal hai Kya?
Answer: Waise to fata hua milk nikale to koi problem nahi hoti ,par fir bhi aap mishri dhage wali and badi elachi kale wali un dono ko pees ke powder bna le aur usko baby ko de .
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Question: meri nipples mein bahut pain hota hai touch bhi nhi kiya jata mein Kya kru???
Answer: It's one of the pregnancy symptoms... So don't worry
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