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Question: No hearrbeat at 8 weeks

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Answer: Chances of healthy pregnancy is less in that case. Wait for a couple of weeks and then again repeat the scan. If fetal Heartbeat will not come within 10 things with you may have to terminate this pregnancy. Take care of yourself and let's hope for the best.
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Question: No fetal pole visible at 8 week is it mean miscarriage
Answer: That means Baby still yet not started develop in which is not normal at 8 weeks. Maximum couple of weeks you can wait and repeat the scan. If no fetal pole and fetal heart rate will be visible in 10 weeks you have to terminate the pregnancy. Take care of yourself and hope for the best.
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Question: I'm 8 weeks pregnant but no symptoms at all
Answer: It's very early to get symptoms.. U should wait some more weeks
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Question: I am having no fetal heartbeat at 7 weeks.. Is it problematic ??
Answer: No no you should wait for another couple of weeks.
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