37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: no baby dropping and no frequent urination in 37+ weeks ......so wat it means

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Answer: It means ur baby is still not in head down position required fr normal delivery
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Question: 26 weeks pregnant but no frequent urination. Is everything alright?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 26 weeks pregnant every women s diffrent their body nd pregnancy s diffrent generally urine comes again again during pregnancy .but u don't have this type of problem .nothing to worry abht .
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Question: frequent urination in last trimester means baby is moving down?
Answer: in last trimester frequent urination is a sign of labor pain or it might be urine infection. you should consult with doctor.
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Question: frequent urination is normal in 35 weeks
Answer: it is normal..Passing urine frequently can be influenced by pressure on the woman'sbladder from her growing uterus.
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