3 months old baby

Question: Next month i give to our baby ragi sari.

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Answer: Hii Solid foods aren't as nutritious as breast milk or formula. Solid food can be lower in good nutrition and higher in calories, which can cause obesity. Solid foods are harder to swallow. A baby may not be developed enough to swallow solid food properly before the age of 6 months.
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Question: I start to my baby next month i give to ragi sari
Answer: Hello dear till 6 months only breast milk is good. Solid foods aren’t as nutritious as breast milk or formula. Solid food can be lower in good nutrition and higher in calories, which can cause obesity. Solid foods are harder to swallow. A baby may not be developed enough to swallow solid food properly before the age of 6 months. Solid food may increase the risk of health problems.
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Question: Which time I give ragi sari my 8 months baby
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. You can give Ragi sari to your little one in the morning, so that it would be easily digestible as the baby would be more active the entire day. Ragi is also called finger millet is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereals. Ragi is a whole grain that is gluten-free and a staple in South India. It is rich in fiber that helps with weight loss and diabetes. It's packed with calcium, good carbs, ammino acids and Vitamin D. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: My baby is 4months old can i give ragi sari
Answer: Wait till 6month. 6th month is the ideal time to start semi solid for your baby. As by then baby can sit on his own, has better coordination between his throat and tongue wch facilities easy gulping. His digestive system is also strong and can readily digest food items other than breastmilk.
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Question: My baby's is 5mnths can I give ragi sari
Answer: Dear nothing should be given to baby to eat before baby is 6 months because it can cause digestion problems to baby. so wait for 1 more month and once baby is 6 months you can give semi solid food to baby but not before that..
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