2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: nenu periods skip ayaka conceive ayanu ani telisindi but nenu doctor ni consult ayaka thanu naku pregnancy nilabadataniki injection vesindi ,pregnancy kit lo pregnancy positive vachaka malli ala injection veyinchukovatam safe a na??

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Answer: హలో 👋డియర్ ! ముందుగా మీకు హ్యాపీ ప్రెగ్నెన్సీ డియర్, డాక్టర్ మిమ్మల్ని చెక్ చేస్తారు కాబట్టి, మీ పిండం కొంచెం వీక్ గా ఉండటంవలన ఇంజక్షన్ చేశారు. దానివల్ల మీకు ఎటువంటి ఇబ్బంది ఉండదు. బేబీ healthy గా ఉండడానికి, ఇంజక్షన్ చేశారు కాబట్టి కంగారు పడకండి. మీరు టైం కి ఫుడ్డు తీసుకుని, జాగ్రత్తగా ఉండండి. డియర్ 😊
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    Mounika D685 days ago


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Question: I'm a pcod patient. Nenu 3 months 21 tablets untay kada avi use chesanu. Aa tharvatha doctor naku pregnancy ki medicine estha ani chepparu 11th day injection echaru aa tharvatha one week kalavamannaru.. Ala chesina period vachesindhi malli hospital ki velthe same 11th day injection annaru is it good for me. I'm so confused. In this lock down time docs are not available yet so the nurses suggested me to do this course for 3 months. Please suggest me
Answer: S... u can use them. Doctor ichina medicine periods on time ravadaniki and egg development ki. 11 th day ichina injection egg release avvadaniki. Egg release ayina tarvata 3 days meeru veelainanta ekkuvaga kalavali. Appudu pregnancy avakasam ekkuvaga untundi. Aa medicine, injection valla meku em ibbandi undadu. Chala varaku pcod unna vallaku pregnancy ravadaniki iche treatment adi. Kangaru padanavasaram ledu. Next time question telugulo post cheyali anukunte, direct ga telugu language select chesukondi.
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Question: Hii... I'm suffering pcod. My periods are irregular. I want to conceive pregnancy as early as possible. I would consult a doctor. They gave tablets but there was no cure. I don't know what to do. Please suggest me what is good for me.
Answer: Dear it's not that with pcod you cannot conceive completely but yes it is important that you get your self checked from the doctor to know you what extent the problem is if there is any cyst or fibroid then that needs to be cured first
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Question: Hii I'm getting worry of my pregnancy bcoz I have regular and sometimes irregular periods I took pcod treatment for one year but I'm not convincing I avoided all junk food and taking some precautions but no improvement me ND my husband intercourse was once in a week is it possible to conceive or I need to consult the doctor to undergo ivf
Answer: Hi, it's good that you over come from pcod, try your intercourse in your ovulation time but it should be in alternate days. Also check your thyroid.
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