26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: neck area becomes darker ....then it is boy baby only

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Answer: Most of these old wives tales hv no scientific backing...even i hv heard that if it is a boy baby then the male hormones reduce the beauty in us and if its going to be a girl baby the female hormone dominates you look more pretty. Dont know how far this is true
Answer: Not really. My sister had the same darkness on neck. She gave birth to baby girl. Its all depends on hormones. We can't guess baby's gender with that.
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Question: if neck area becomes more darker then boy baby ????
Answer: it can happen dear. No problem. massage the baby with coconut oil. and don't take the baby out in sunlight after oil massage . bath the baby with malai (milk cream) and don't use any soap or wash just use raw milk to bath the baby. You can apply soap mildly
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Question: Hi.... My neck is becomes darker in colour. I am 24 weeks pregnant. What is the reason. What should I do to recover it?
Answer: Hii It is common in pregnancy .Blotchy area of darken skin develops .Women with darker skin tone are more prone to it .It develops on whole body, & specially on the parts that are exposed to sun. The patches will go away after delivery, till then protect yourself from sun 
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Question: My baby color is fair bt now after 2 months it becomes darker why is it so
Answer: hi dear baby will change its colour within 6 months after delivery the colour of the baby is determinant at conception itself and it is genetic So the original colour will become permanent within 6 months after birth
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