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Question: Nausea,stomach pain,frequency in urine,are sign of pregnancy?my last period is 7 august

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Answer: these are the sign but this is not a confirmation u can do test at ur home nd den chek the results...if u r pregnant then these problems are normal but if u r not then consult a good doctor..... take care 🙂
Answer: U can do pregnancy test at home in September 1st week... Al d best
Answer: Back pain,leg pain weakness.
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Question: My last period date is 15th oct, still I don't hav period instead of that I feel nausea, headache, cramps.. are this is sign of pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear it could be a sign of pregnancy so it will be better if u check ur pregnancy with the kit tomorrow morning to get confirms if u r pregnant or not
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Question: My last period was on August 21 and before 2 days ago i have started back pain and stomach pain as same when periods are. Its till now. Is this the sign of pregnancy or mensuration?
Answer: Hii dear very first sign of pregnancy is missed period .And then  under and swollen breast, vaginal discharge , nausea vomit , excessive urine, fatigue,sometime spotting are some of the early sign of pregnancy. so do check if u have any of the other pregnancy symptom or not. And do check ur pregnancy after 5 days of missed period to confirm ur pregnancy. All the best.
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Question: I have pain in my breast and my eyes are also red, Is this a early sign of pregnancy? my last day of period was 13th Feb
Answer: Hello! Though pain in breast might be symptom of pregnancy. But red eyes are not. Please go for the Pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant or not.
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