16 months old baby

Question: Nasal Spray is Harmful for Baby ?? What is the Side or Bad effects of NASAL SPRAY ???

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Answer: Hi dear it is not harmful as it is not made of any medicine. The only problem i feels to baby above 1 year is to hold ur baby and put dis drop. As they so lots of drama and crying when drop is given. Rest no such side affect. Sometimes affect is short term but it's fine. I really find it good and now my baby is 3 year but I will use it.
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Question: I apply naselin nasal spray since two months daily for nose block... .is it harmful for the baby..
Answer: Hi dear, Any nonsteroidal drugs or sprays are normal.you can use it for nasal block.you can also try taking steam.
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Question: I used nasocom nasal spray for 3 nights..am 9 weeks pregnant..am worried if it have any side effects
Answer: hi dear! so dear if you feel headache or fever or skin rash or itching of the skin then dear you might be having any side effects but if there is nothing like this then dont worry dear. and its safe to use this in pregnancy so you can relax! take care!
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Question: Does sonoghraphy rays harmful for baby or any side effects on baby?
Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your pregnancy. ultrasound or sonography is completely safe for unborn and you should not at all worry about it. World wide it's been use to check growth of baby.
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