14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: nasal bone is visible at nt scan is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine to have visible nasal bone in nt scan.this scan os done to scan if baBy is not suffering from down syndrome and has a proper physical and mental growth.
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    Mahendar K chowdhary837 days ago

    I hav given sample for double marker test..... wt has to be the normal.... results

Answer: Yes this is important it has to be visible
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Question: What is NT scan
Answer: Nuchal Translucency. It's a scan which measures a space behind the back of the baby's neck and also sees presence of the nasal bone. The radiologist looks for these soft markers to rule out syndromes like down syndrome.
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Question: Hi....I m doing NT scan Friday my baby heartbeat is 170 it is normal .....
Answer: Yeah it is absolutely normal. Heartbeat Rate may decrease in future weeks , it should vary from 110 to 170 , so don't get panic , if your baby heart beat is low then the doctor herself take precautions.
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Question: My growth scan done with AfI 8mm at 32 week ?is it normal
Answer: Dear afi 8-18 is considered as normal.median afi level is approximately 14 from 20 -35 weeks, when the amniotic fluid begins to reduce in preparation for birth.when afi less than 10 considered as mild oligohydramnios. please drink plenty of fluids like butter milk, coconut water, juices.better to start taking L arginine sachets daily.keep lie down either on right side or left side to promote more blood circulation to the baby helps to improve amniotic fluid levels.keep observing baby movements.take care
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