4 months old baby

Question: nan pro formula milk 4 mths baby ku how many spoon formula milk taken and how much of water added

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Answer: Hi there it's mentioned on the carton bout the quantity it's 30 ml I guess.
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Question: How much spoon formula milk should be given to 4 months baby and how many times in a day
Answer: Hi dear.... you can give your baby 120ml of formula milk per feed dear..... which is approximately 3-4 scoops of formula milk powder dear...
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Question: My baby doesn't like nan pro milk.what formula milk I can give instead of nan pro
Answer: You should always consult a doctor before giving any kind of formula Milk to youe baby, you can start with lactogen or similac
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Question: My baby is 7 months old how much amount of water is added In cow milk
Answer: Dear please don't give cow milk to baby at all it's not safe.. just give formula milk or breast milk to baby that's it...
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