2 months old baby

Question: nan 2 months maguge inside lip nirgulegalagive plz tell me the remedies for it

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Answer: hello.. dear neerguligi variety of reasons ninta baruthe.. vitamins kadmi idre, illodre nimma magguve ge colic idre bartada..aadre ashtu sannu maguve ga enu use madliki illa.. so snana mado time ga baby ga mouth wash cholo madsri..mata breastfeeding continous madre nu hoga chances ava.. so kadmi agilla andre doctor nalli tosri.. happy parenting
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Question: plz tell me the home remedies for cold plz
Answer:  Home remedies for cold in babies : Keep Them Hydrated: (For babies over 6 months of age) You should make sure that they are always hydrated when down with cold. They should be given warm water, soup etc. at small intervals. Carom Seeds and Garlic: Dry roast carom seeds and garlic on a pan. Then tie them up in a muslin cloth and rub it on the baby’s chest. For those younger than 6 months, tie the pouch to their cot so they can inhale the vapours. Humid Air: To relieve the nasal passages of mucus, it is important to breathe in moist air. Older children can be given steam directly from a vapourizer and for smaller children, humidifier should be installed in the room. If neither of these is possible, just give the baby a warm bath in a steamy bathroom. Massage the baby: Another way to soothe the baby is to massage her/him with warm oil (baby or mustard) mixed with garlic for instant relief. Use Vapour Rub: Rub some vapour rub on their feet and cover them up with socks, for children above 6-8 months of age. Elevate baby’s heads: (Not for babies below six months of age) Elevate the baby’s head by giving the him/her an extra pillow or putting one under the his/her mattress. Turmeric: Apply turmeric paste on the head of the baby. For cough, mix a pinch of turmeric powder in hot milk and give it to the baby. Honey: (Only for children above the age of one) Honey is considered to be one of the most effective natural products for cough. Honey with warm water can be given multiple times a day. You can also mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1/4 spoon of cinnamon and give it to the baby a couple of times a day for relief. Camphor: Add a small amount of camphor in warm coconut oil and rub a few drops on the baby’s chest. It may irritate your baby’s skin so make sure you use very little camphor.
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Question: hi.. nan maguge Kiwi chuchidalli swalp pus Tara nuvagide.. plz let me know home remedies
Answer: Hello dear.. enu chinti madbyadri.. idu common and normal ada.. adre pus ondu soft towel ninta illodre hattinitta madri mata snanaka hakko time nage solpa kobri enni bisi madi hachi avu kiwi du rings tirgsri.. mata solpu bisi neeru vana chucchiddu place naaga hakri.. akki kuddin malya ganji neeru bisi kiwi malya hachri.. important enu Andre pus clean madta irbeku mata chuchiddu tirgsta irbeku.. solpu time beku ela pains, pus sari agliki Healofy wishes you Happy parenting and good luck dear
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Question: Plz tell me the home remedies for stomach pain
Answer: Dear abdominal pain or cramps are totally normal during pregnancy. It's the uterus stretching to make it comfy for your littler nugget. It can also happen because of gas pains . The progesteron that your body is producing will cause constipation and gas pains.  Drink LOTS of fluids and eat lots of fiber filled foods pain will be fine. but if the pain is severe and unbearable then please consult with doctor in get it checked...
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