21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Nak ipudu 17 week pregnancy bt nak motion prblm avthundi ante proper ga ledu

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Answer: That is bcz u may be using iron tablets.. Do proper exercise nd walking..
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Question: Naku 7th week ipudu heavy ga vomitings avthunnay tablet kuda vomit ayipothundi am tinna vomitings ayipothunnay naku apudu apudu akali vesthundi BT am tinali Anna bhyamesthundi vomit avthundi ani am cheyali adina suggestion ivvara.... Asalu Alanti diet tesukovali...??
Answer: Preganant time lo chala mandiki Vomting common, for someone it will be 3months and for someone it will be 5months, ask doctor medince for vomting,u have to take food for every 2hours in little quantity dnt think about vomting
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Question: Nenu 5th pregnant ni....naku motion free ga avvadam ledu...em cheyali
Answer: Its common andi due to iron suppliments may leads to constipation...drink loads of water n buttermilk coconut water....eat fibre rich food n fruits to get rid of constipation
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Question: Naku ipudu 8thmonth motion ki velle dagara skin konchem byatiki vochinattu vundi eroju naku motion konchem tight ga ayindi... Malli normal ga avvalante am cheyali.. Adi amina prblm aa... Pls avarikaina telisthe respond avvandi plss naku bhyanga vundi
Answer: Hii dear I m so sorry .I don't know dis language but by going on setting in healofy apps u can change the language preference and can ask ur question. In chat group if u know English then do post ur query on English. Will surely help u. Thx
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