6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: myself one month pregnant..suffered constipation,,, i jz put pressure while getting fresh,, i wanna know,, if dre's any risk

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Answer: yes, constipation is bad in pregnancy and may push the baby downwards and its risky. ask your doctor for proper medication and diet. drink.lots of water daily, fibre rich food should be eaten, no gassy foods, take ajwain water daily for any gas.
Answer: don't put pressure.. ask ur doctor for this.. my doctor given me duphlac syrup.. nd ispgol (softovac) to avoid constipation in pregnancy
Answer: dont put pressure its a normal symptom in pregnancy
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Question: Hi everyone just wanted to know if while u put on pressure sometimes in toilet is it risk for baby also putting pressure while pooping
Answer: No dear having pressure in while pooping won't affect the baby at all because it's in a very protective covering.
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