5 years old baby

Question: my 5 years old son doesnt want to eat anything what can i do

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Answer: I can suggest you a food chart which will help him to be excited about new food, as babies get bored easily with routine food Breakfast  1 c. whole grain cereal* ½ c. skim or lowfat milk ½ banana 2 oz. whole grains ½ c. dairy ½ c. fruit  Snack  1 large celery stick with 1 T. light cream cheese or almond butter and 1 T. raisins  ¼ c. vegetables ½ oz. meat/beans ¼ c. fruit  Lunch  1 c. skim milk Whole wheat pita with 1 thick slice (2 oz.) roasted chicken, ¼ avocado, 5 slices cucumber, and 1 leaf lettuce, and honey-mustard 1 medium orange  1 c. dairy 2 oz. whole grains 2 oz. roast chicken ¾ c. vegetables ¾ c. fruit Snack  ½ c. sliced apple and ½ c. cinnamon-sprinkled plain yogurt  ½ c. fruit ½ c. dairy  Dinner  ½ baked sweet potato ½ c. broccoli—raw with low fat salad dressing or steamed with 1 T. grated parmesan cheese 2 oz. herb-marinated grilled lean steak** or tempeh 1 whole wheat roll 1 c. vegetables 2 oz. meat/beans 1 oz. whole grains 
Answer: First of all you should make your child grow interest in food. You have to be little creative for this. If your child dosent like fruits you can give him on the form of shakes and smoothie. If he dosent like any vegetable you can add them in making tikka or roll of the same. You can also also stuffed them in your regular paratha. While making pulao pasta noodles you can add all veggies very finely chopped so that he can remove those veggies. You can also give pureed in form of soup or ice cream made at home. You can make burger at home with all the pulses or veggies that he dosent like. Be patient and be more creative
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Question: My son is 2.5 yrs old...he doesnt chew his food...he still perfers porrdige over anything else ... What should i do to make him eat
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Tell baby slowly that he should chew his food. Make food that he shows interest like paratha so he chews out of interest to eat it. Please try to avoid giving mashed foods.Make him eat with you and show him that he should chew and eat.It takes time but please don't stop trying. Fruits you can give in juice form as of now. He will definitely eat but till then keep trying.Good luck
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Question: my son is 8.5 months old....he doesnt want to eat anything at all....is teething a reason?? how do i make him eat?? any help?
Answer: 6 to 9 months babies are too small. In this stage babies taste will develop. Before they do not eat solid and don't know about solid food. Now slowly baby will start to eat. Slowly baby's taste will develop. In this age eat him or her only 2 or 3 spoon first and after 2 3 hours feed him or her 2 3 spoon more. Take the help of toys and feed her. teething might be a reason.
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Question: My baby is w years 8 months doesnt eat anything..wht to do???dr.
Answer: Hi.. might be that your baby doesn't like what you are serving.. In order to make your baby eat make up stories, engage your child in conversation, make animal sounds.. Try to make feeding sessions interesting for your child. Offer healthy foods, and a hungry baby will eventually eat it.Start with small bowls, then gradually you can increase the quantity..
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