3 years old baby

Question: Hiii....my 3 year baby have ithcing skin at all night in whole body. He can not sleep. And some rashes on his face. Please help me

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Answer: Hi dear may be ur baby has go some allergy or chicken pox or measles as sometimes it happens. When baby suffer from such skin prove. As ur baby is very small so don't take chance and consult doctor dear . It may be possible due to bit of some incests it is happening. Proper hygiene has to be maintain and don't apply anythingbin the rashes without doctor advise.
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Question: my 8month old baby is having rubella rashes on whole body and he is unable to sleep at night, what to do
Answer: dear waise to ye complicated cases hai r mai apko suggest to nahi karugi jyada remedies pe rely karne ko doctor ko apko follow karna hai. maintain the temperature in room not too warm not too cold. increase fluid intake give baby bath with tepid water follow doctor medications.
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Question: My baby wakes up at night and starts playing she does not sleep and disturbs the whole house. She does not sleep the whole day too. Please help
Answer: hello.. dear let her play but encourage her to sleep well by singing songs or babies over 4 months old wake up crying at night include: Holding or rocking your baby until asleep. ... Because they usually fall asleep away from their cribs, they don't learn to associate the crib and mattress with sleep.Sometimes they wake hungry. It's normal for babies (and adults) to wake 4-5 times a night during these times of transition. However, most adults wake up and then fall back to sleep so rapidly that we rarely remember the awakening. At 4 months of age, many parents notice awakenings after a first chunk of deeper sleep.
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Question: My baby boybis 16bdays old and he is not sleeping in night at all since 3 days. He sleeps sometime in day time but not in night. Can you please suggest how to make him sleep in night?
Answer: Dear it'll take almost one month to make a sleeping cycle of your baby. But you can make a routine time for sleeping. You must sleep wd your baby as baby feels confident n comfortable.
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