22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife(21 week) take 2 titenus injection in 15 and 18 week..any other vaccine are there if so plz inform

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Answer: Hi dear, I was given only tetanus two shots.i think your wife's two shots are done.thats enough.
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    Suchita Jain646 days ago

    flu injection will be given in 26th week. plz consult ur doctor

Answer: Totally 3 TT. Pls consult about that in ur gynec
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Question: I only take one vaccine in thigh for my 6 week old baby..is there any problem if I don't take vaccine at hand area
Answer: Hello dear. There is no issue. Infact my daughter received all vaccines on thigh only. Hope it helps.
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Question: My wife is 23 week pregnant and she having low lying posterior placenta. So doctor told to take Prolution depot 500 mg injection in every 15 days.is any side effect of this injection? How many maximum injection sholud take?
Answer: hi dear! so this prolution depot injection is a synthetic form of progesterone a femlae hormone which help in maintaining the pregnancy. you should take it as recommended by your doctor. take care! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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Question: I have taken tetanus vaccine at 20th week of my pregnancy.. Now I m In 29 the week.. Is it required to take vaccine again and is there any other vaccine to be taken?
Answer: Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy Tetenus is recommended to women anytime between 27-36 weeks if the pregnancy, to protect the baby from whooping cough Tetanus is taken only once during the pregnancy
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