13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my wife 13 week pregnant she is affected could pls tel me remedy

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Question: Hello sir my wife my wife is 27 week pregnant she is affected with Dengue virus does it will affect my baby
Answer: I have answered your query, hopefully it helps. It is better to consult the doctor.
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Question: My wife is 13 weeks pregnant, she is not able to drink normal water, any remedy / solution
Answer: Hi dear, She can take flavored water.like lime water.put few mint leaves in it,and let her drink it through out.some fresh juices without sugar can also be taken.sometimes cold water feels good to drink than room temperature water.avoid any caffeine.as this would further dehydrate.
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Question: My wife is pregnant and crossed 55 days. However today she is affected from fever also.. please suggest me
Answer: Ho,this could be viral fever.you should consult your Dr and take medication for fever. If the fever goes high you should keep room temperature water Patti's on her forehead to bring down her temperature. Also she should have more of fluids so that viral is flushed out of the body.
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Question: Hi my wife is seven weeks five days pregnant she don't have vomiting she have any problem tel me pls and getting soo hungry any problem
Answer: No problem, every pregnancy is different with lot of weird changes in body..
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