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Question: My wife 10 week pregnant can i travel in car for 10kms whether its safe or i need to avoid it.

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Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can travel in car for small distance, but go slowly in bumo road will be safer
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Question: I am 8weeks pregnant..i need to ask whether is it safe to travel in car for 18 hrs journey.
Answer: Hello ... Dear in first trimester,it is advisable to avoid travel,but in unavoidable circunstances,please consult doctor before travel
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Question: Hi am currently 11 weeks pregnant..whether i can travel in car for about 4 hrs.is it safe to travel???
Answer: Drive safely and slowly. Take short breaks in between. You should not sit for hours together. Before travel consult doctor and get permission
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Question: Is it safe to travel by car or train in week 9 or week 10
Answer: Travelling is best to be avoided during first trimester as the chances of miscarriage is high. Do consult your doctor before travelling. Here are few things to remember while travelling during pregnancy. 1) pack meal and snacks for yourself, which you can eat at every two hours. 2) Do not eat anything from outside. No street food, cut fruits, juices etc. 3) Carry your own water or purchase packaged water. 4) Washrooms are the most unhygienic in trains. Carry toilet disinfectant spray, tissues, sanitizer to keep yourself clean and germ free. 5) Don't sit for longer hours. 6) Wear comfortable clothes and prefer slippers or shoes.
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Question: I am 8 months pregnant is it safe to travel 10kms by car
Answer: if you don't have any bed rest or complications in your pregnancy you can travel in the car . it is only 10 kilometres . before travelling you should also talk to your doctor and check the baby's position .
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