39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiiiii my wife suffer from too much ichiness. And meine Lft test krwaya hai usmein sgot 50, sgpt 46 aaya hai. So what should i do?

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Answer: hi dear! you might need a medicine like udiliv to help you out . the reports shows a little increase of sgot but not a problem . with medicine it will come and it can be the cause of the itching. dont worry just consult your doctor with the medicine dear. take care.
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Question: Hi my wife suffer from too much ichiness and the reports of Lft is s.g.o.t - 50,. S.g.p.t- 46, what i do? Pls recomend
Answer: Hi dear if the lft is already done and his duty and sgpt results are route please consider showing this report to your doctor your doctor might a prescribe a medicine which will help your wife to reduce the itching.. Hope this helps!
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Question: What do mean by LFT Test...If the report contain high SGPT and SGOT,what it means and how it affect in the pregnancy??
Answer: Lft means liver function test......sgpt and sgot should not be high in pregnancy..it's risky fr the babies
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Question: Iam 28 weeks pregnant facing too much itching what to do .its not bcoz of dry skin my lft is done in which sgpt ,sgot and alkaline phosphatase is increased what to do
Answer: If the itching is in the stomach area then its fine otherwise go see your doctor
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