18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my wife S in 13th week pregnancy twin also but she had gas trouble n vomiting now what can I do now pls tell me

3 Answers
Answer: Ask her to avoid gassy foods at this time the digestion becomes sensitive and to avoid this problem lots of fibre rich food and protein diet is needed. Don't let tummy empty for long. Don't take spicy or oily , fried foods it becomes heavy n leads to acidity. vomiting is normal . take ginger lemon water or ginger tea.whenever feel vomit lie down on left and divert the mind. Relax.
Answer: These are common during pregnancy but make sure her diet is bland till she get healed from vomiting and gas trouble. Have buttermilk regularly, Ginger tea helps in nausea and vomiting. Try to add mint leaves in ginger tea too.. so that it helps in nausea, digestion issues . If you think it is too severe, please check with doc for any medication.
Answer: dats nprmal in pregnancy