34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife 8months pregnant she was irretad because she body itching so much pls answer me wat can I do

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Answer: Coconut oil is best to overcome irritation
Answer: Use Coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel.
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Question: From yesterday i was itching so much my whole body
Answer: Hello dear. The pregnancy hormones affect the liver's ability to transport certain chemicals, such as bile. Few of the remedies are: Take lukewarm showers and baths. Hot water can dry out your skin and make the itching worse. Stay cool. Avoid going out in the heat of the day because heat can make itching worse. Wear comfy clothing. Apply medicines before moisturizing. Take care.
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Question: I am having so much itching and allergy all over the body... Wat to do??
Answer: Hi! Itching is caused to dryness as your skin keeps stretching, Apply lotions or coconut oil you should get relief. Report this to Doctoe he might suspect for some liver test for bile acid but if thats normal it can be hormonal issues. Every pregnancy is different every body every hormones play too...check with ur gynae still if everything is normal only thing I can say is not to worry Ur baby is fine it's just Ur hormones. And it will vanishe the moment baby is born...things that can help you is taking bath twice a day esp before bedtime,apply good moisturizer,staying in a cool room temp,drink loads of water fresh juices. Good luck!
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Question: So much itching in my body what should I do.
Answer: Hie Itching during pregnancy is due to increase in  blood volume During pregnancy the blood volume increase upto 50% to meet the increasing need of your baby and body Increase in blood volume makes your skin extra sensitive and itchy Go for mild unscented product for your skin rather than product that contain strong agents or fragrance As they may irritate your skin Moisturise your skin well with oil , unscented moisturiser or body butter Oatmeal bath helpcan  you with itching Add a small cup of oatmeal to a jug of hot water And let it sit for 20-30 min Add the jug to your bathing water and bath with it It will naturally calm and moisturise your skin Having normal to mild cold water bath can help you suppress the itching as well However if the itching is severe then you have to consult your gynaecologist as it may be a cause of concern
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Question: I have 5 month i have so much itching in my body what can i do?
Answer: I used home remedies. I stopped moisturizer wich contains Chemicals along with alcohol I started glycerin n rose water mixed liquid as moisturizer. I stopped soap n started basin, rice flour n turmeric powder as bathing powder. N I used to apply coconut oil to the navel due to wich the baby's skin n mine gets proper nourishment.
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