21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 20 weeks pregnant..she is suffering from cough..is. It common on this stage...

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Answer: Use The jerrage kasaya
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Question: My wife is 12 week pregnant..she suffers from stomach pain.is it common at tis stage..
Answer: Hi,yes,I could be due to gas or acidiry.you can give her peppermint,or.cold milk or ginger honey paste or fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots.this should help
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Question: my wife is 20 weeks pregnant, presently she is suffering from excessive backache .
Answer: Hi,this is due to preassure on the sciatic nerve. She should do hot water compression She can also get oil massage done
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Question: Hi, my wife is 13 weeks pregnant and she is having cough. Anybody suggest what to do in this stage?
Answer: Hi Common illness like cold,cough and fever wont affect baby..to treat for cough you can give some 1 glass milk added with a pinch turmeric powder and a pinch black pepper boiled well in 1 glass milk before bed at night for effective result.. Also in early morning after brush in a pinch black pepper add 1 spoon honey and mix well and eat Turmeric,honey can cure any kind of throat problems as they are natural anti biotics Also you can give rice boiled water with salt and pepper to relieve from cough or cold
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Question: My wife is in 28th week. She is having cough and cold, and even she is not getting sleep properly. Is this common at this stage? For cough and cold doctor suggested syrup and tablets. Does it impact on baby?
Answer: No it doesn't impact the baby, bt let ur wife take tablets and syrup for her for health,
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