27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 25 weeks pregnant.Her bp has rised to 140/80 since last 2-3 days. Is it a concern?? Will it affect baby if bp level does not come down even after taking medicine.

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Answer: hi baby beautiful wife is on the higher side e the intake of souls day should avoid Friday food and oily food you should also the irregular verbs this will help to maintain the BP levels but it is also advisable to consult to doctor
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Question: Hi ... i am 35 weeks pregnant ... my bp is 90 -140 ... it is not coming normal even after having medicine ... is there any home remedy to lower down bp... what are the risks to my baby ... ??
Answer: Hello! High BP is an issue with occurs in second trimester or may last upto 3 months after delivery.the range above 140/90 is high bp . Its very important to consult doctor if you find it any point during pregnancy or either you are a patient before pregnancy. With high BP doctor either advice you to have early delivery to avoid any complications and secondly would recommend csec procedure. High bp also effects the growth of the baby. Although doctor will closely monitor your BP but still healthy lifestyle can help you to maintain your BP, limit your sodium intake Take your BP medications Take rest No smoking and no alcohol intake Control your weight gian, don’t gain much. Take care
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Question: My wife suffers from low BP and her BP would get low drastically even if she see her injury.. My concern is what precautions should we take to ensure during labour she does not faint and have low BP attack..
Answer: look... she needs counselling from better gynae.. and the ladies who have gone through all this pain... show her videoes of labour and cgild birth and cute babies and baby activities ... try to boost her with ur kind words .. tell her about how lucky she is to have the baby.. its so hard to get preg dese days.. let her touch her tummy enjoy the bby moments.. and dont wry .. as pregnancy grows she will have a bond with the baby and she will be able to bear evrything to get her munchkin..
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Question: Baby has cold for the last 3-4 days. Even after taking medicine cold is thr. Constant sneezing is there with watery eyes. What to do
Answer: Hi cold and cough will take time to settle continue with the medications if there is no improvement consults to the doctor you can also try giving home remedies to your baby places Seema next to the babies bed roast some ajwain and diet in the green cloth and make the potli do compression on the baby's chest warm the mustard oil and add crushed garlic to it make sure it is not burnt. massage with this oil on the baby's chest back and feet before sleeping this will help the baby and congestion
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