10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 9 week pregnant, Our doctor advised to take folic acid ans Throid normology supplements, But i am not intetesred in taking this tablets, Am i doing right thing or not?

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Answer: as we r not getting eniugh iron n calcium from foodss available now a days.but during this time body needs much calcium n iron.hence tablet is the only alternative.atleast 90 iron tablet shiuld be taken during pregency
Answer: u r not doing right.... this time body needs extra support
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Question: Doctor advised my wife to take folic acid tab in the afternoon and calcium in the night... But my wife is taking both at night... Is that fine
Answer: Hi Always following tablet timing ll be good as there ll be some reasons behind...folic acid is given for babies brain and spine development if its taken at night before bed it wont be much effective as she ll sleep for long at night but calcium can be taken anytime as its for bone strength...always do follow tablet timing as per doctors advice which is always safe and effective
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