23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is take warm water every time any problem

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Answer: No problem is there in having warm water. Even I had warm water throughout my pregnancy as had sore throat majority of time. It is fine ans safe to be taken. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i take luke warm water every time when ever water reqiured
Answer: Hi ,yes you can it is the most safest thing it also helps to detoxify your body And helps to stimulate byour bowel movements
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Question: My wife 3month pregnant... She take ORS powder with coconut water.. Its any problem
Answer: Hi dear dont let her take unnecessary of ors if c don't have dehydration as it contains sugar which is not good for health. Coconut water is a good choice and she should take it all through the pregnancy to stay hydrates. Avoid dehydration and keep digestion good. It also contain important neutrition.
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Question: Can i give warm water 1tspn to my baby..is there any problem
Answer: Hi! Warm water to a 1 month old baby can be dangerous, nothing should be given other than milk preferably mothers milk, i would suggest you to drink more water and pass on the benefit through Breastmilk if you r feeding the baby. Hope this helps!
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