33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my wife is 8 mnth pregnant n she is goin thru from sweling in her left leg...wat to do

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Answer: less salt, and use pillow under leg during night..it worked for me
Answer: soak the legs in warm salty water for 15-20 min and rub alum.
Answer: take less intake of salt
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Question: My sister in law is 8 month pregnant n suffering from left leg pain from 2 days what to do
Answer: Hi dear, Increase in blood volume and other fluids along with baby weight,your legs gets stressed out a bit.it takes the whole body weight and hence it pains and cramps.try massaging with warm oil and be active no matter how much it pains.keep your legs elevated.and never sit and stand in one place for long.decrease your salt content in food.drink plenty of water to avoid water retention in body which adds pain to legs.alao look for any protruded veins,could b vericose veins or spider veins which are common in pregnancy.
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Question: Guys my wife s hand and leg is swelling she s 8 month pregnant wat to do pls help
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Various factors contribute to foot and ankle swelling during pregnancy. For starters, your body retains more fluid during pregnancy. Also, your growing uterus puts pressure on your veins, which impairs return of blood to your heart. Here are thr few tips you can follow Avoid standing for long periods. Minimize outdoor time when it is hot. Rest with your feet elevated. Wear comfortable shoes, avoiding high heels if possible. Wear supportive tights or stockings. Avoid clothes that are tight around your wrists or ankles. Take care.
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Question: My wife is pregnant n its 8 month so can she travel to her home ???
Answer: u must take advice of doctor.. as he knows ur wife condition better
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Question: hello my wife iz 8 mnth pregnant n she dsnt feel any movemnt of d baby..what to do???
Answer: nothing serious hota hai kisi kisi ko, ek glass pani me 3 spoon saunf daalkar garm kare jab tak paani half glass ho jaye,phir usme 1 spoon ghee daalkar gunguna hone par pila do, 2 ya 3 din karo ache se ghumega...shayad baby weak ho gaya hai
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