9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 8weeks pregnant and having intramural fibroid of 2inch is it anything to worry about,she had her USG yesterday and baby heartbeat is 121bmp.

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Answer: Dear baby's heartbeat is completely normal and there is nothing to worry in it and see mostly all women have the fibroids but if the fibroids is above 2" size it can cause but as you said your wife's fibroid is 2" so dont worry just get a regular scan done to see if they are increasing in size or not.. otherwise there is nothing to worry about it...
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    parthasarathi deb29 days ago

    Thanks for you reply........

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Question: My wife is 18 weeks pregnant. Our last usg is suspecting of presence of fibroid. Is it something to worry?
Answer: If she doesn't have any symptoms like pain and infection then please don't worry you have not mentioned size of fibroid Any fibroid greater than 5 centimeters can be problematic, large fibroid blocks the blood flow to the uterus and ultimately affect the growth of foetus. and dont worry your doctor will monitor her closely throughout pregnancy to see the changes in the size of the fibroid
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Question: My wife complains about swelling of her legs , anything to worry about .?
Answer: Hello dear Swelling is normal in pregnancy. Swelling, which is also called edema, is experienced in the hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet. But sometimes this swelling can be serious. It is due to your body hanging onto excess fluids, especially in the hands and fee Diet to control swelling : 1 don't sit and stand for long time 2. Drink more water 3. Drink less caffeine 4. Exercise regularly 5. Balance ur electrolytes
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Question: My wife is having 52mm*61mm intramural Fibroid and on 2months pregnancy...... Kindly suggest will it be any problem......
Answer: Hi dear, Any fibroid measuring 5 cm or more is a risky affair.but in your wife's case it might not be an issue.but it needs to be observed regularly to check if it is increases in size.huge fibroids could lead to miscarriages and preterm labor.
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