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Question: My wife is 7 months 15days pregnant, is it safe to eat the drumsticks with meals

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Answer: Hello dear, drumsticks is very good during pregnancy it has lots of vitamins and minerals essential for baby growth. It helps to reduce morning sickness, regulate blood sugar and maintains it to prevent gestational diabetes, it is full of iron and calcuim therefore good for the strengthening of mother's bone . It will increase hb count and hence reduce chances of anemia.it prevents constipation and helps to soothe stomach upsets.
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Question: Is it safe to eat drumsticks with meals for 7 months 18days pregnant women
Answer: Hello! You can have drumsticks. But make sure that have have it in moderation. Also make sure that it is washed properly before having it. Take care
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Question: My wife is 7 months pregnant, is it safe to eat Indian Mackerel (Bangda fish)
Answer: Hi Yes she can eat. Make sure to cook it well and less spicy. Have fish. But try to a avoid fishes that contain mercury. For knowing which fish that contain mercury - like salmon
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Question: Hi m 7 months pregnant women can I eat drumsticks.
Answer: Hi, no u should avoid drumsticks in pregnancy, u can take that after delivery, drumsticks are very heat and they make early contractions to you, so better to avoid
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