35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is 9 month pregnancy My doctor is given following tablets to maintain the platelet in normal count lycorichPrednisodenenisodene - wysolone-20, Zinetac, Axodant alone with that folic acid and iron tablet.is it safe...

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Question: Hi i am 6 weeks pregnant. My doctor has only given folic acid but everyone is saying that iron and calcium tablets is also required. Is it true.
Answer: In the First trimester.. folic acid supplements is enough..doc may prescribe more tablets in the first trimester itself only if ur body is week than normal..if ur body is okay she may prescribe other tablets only in the coming trimesters
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Question: Hello..my doctor give calcium iron folic acid tablets separately .is calcium tab. Are safe?
Answer: Hi dear Ya ofcourse they are supposed ti be take during pregnancy as your nutrients are getting shared with fetus now you may suffer with lack of nutrients to carry your womb....so need more strength for bone and back hip for which you need more calcium supplement...do take tablets prescribed and also take more milk and dairy products which helps you still more for calcium and ptotein supplement
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Question: My doctor has given me only folic acid tablets. No calcium and iron tablets are given by her. I am in the third month. Pls suggest
Answer: Don't worry she will start after 3rd month..mera b 3rd month k bad start hui ti
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