5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is kne month prognent is she travel by bus to approx 500 kms

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Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid bus journey during the early stages due to the jerking. As the baby and the placenta is still in the formation stage, please try to avoid as much as possible
Answer: you should avoid travelling by bus during pregnancy..jerks might be harmful.
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Question: I travel by bus for around 80 kms. Is it safe for me and my baby?
Answer: If the roads are smooth, there are no jerks during the journey, it is safe. But such a long travel daily would be tiring for you and the baby after a few months. So you yourself will have to decide this. Take care dear.
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Question: Is it safe to travel by sleeper bus about 450 kms in 33th week
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy . A journey by bus during pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable as it tends to be crowded, noisy and the trip itself can be extremely long and bumpy. Travelling during pregnancy is generally safe whether you are going by road, in a car or by bus. If you do not have any option other than travelling by bus, then it is better to make it safe and well-fixed as much as you can. Here is how to make your bus travel smooth.To get a comfortable sitting place, reach the bus station before time.It is safe to sit in the middle of a bus, not in the front or the back row.Pack light; carrying too much luggage can be a problem.Avoid travelling during peak hours as the buses can get crowded.  
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Question: My wife is 24week pregnant..can she travel 500 km by train for exam..pls suggest
Answer: Hello Travelling when ur pregnant is a bit complicated than normal as there are alot of factors to consider. If ur traveling by ur car then it's safer compared to public transport as u need frequent washroom breaks.choose a clean hotel washroom In public transport bus is a bit tricky as the bumpy roads may affect ur posture causing alot of pain. Train is the best way to travel as u can relax with available space wch is better for ur posture. The only problem with the train is the washroom as it is very unhygenic and you can contact with a UTI.
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