36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is in 35th week of pregnancy. Her blood pressure is 130/90. Any issue Bcoz of this

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Answer: Hi dear, Usually a normal BP is around 120/80,but 5 units here and there is ok in pregnancy.your wife's is mild high but still in range.please digest her to avoid any kind of excess salt in diet.packaged foods have too much hidden sodium can raise her no drastically.keep her well hydrated too.and she can do daily 10-15 minutes walk.
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Question: 130/90 is high blood pressure
Answer: Yes it is on the higher side. Your doctor will probably closely monitor you till end of pregnancy. If the blood pressure goes upto 140 then your doctor may plan to induce you or suggest immediate c section. Drink plenty of fluids, rest and eat banana.
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Question: Is 130/90 hg normal blood pressure
Answer: Hi dear...blood pressure of 130/90 and above is considered as high blood pressure levels dear...so please consult with your gynecologist and take necessary precautions to help bring it down dear... Walking and reducing salt intake will help bring down the blood pressure levels dear...
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Question: What happens if BP is 130/90 in 35th week
Answer: Normal BP is 120/80 try to avoid excessive salt in food and keep on checking your BP.....if the problem remains same you have to discuss with your doctor because high BP isn't good in pregnancy.
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