11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife is conceived for 10 weeks but in scan it shows baby growth is equals to 6 weeks only and no sign of heart beat. Is there a chance for baby growth and heart beats??

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Answer: Yes, sometimes heartbeats can take longer to develop. I had a friend who had the same experience and got the heartbeat in her second scan. She is due for delivery this month :). All the best!
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Question: I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins but no sign of heart beats what to do?
Answer: The heartbeats should be audible via doppler between 10-12 week's. You are on the early side of this so it may not be detectable yet. Also if you are overweight or have an anterior placenta, it may make finding the heartbeat more difficult
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Question: It have finished 8 weeks but in ultrasound scan there is no heart beat for baby...so whether in coming weeks there will be heart beat or not..?
Answer: Hello dear, Sometimes doctor didn't find heart beat in early pregnancy that's why they say to do again after 10 days or 2 weeks. .... Your baby's heart starts beating about 22 days after you had conceived. Doctor will be able to spot it on screen between 5 weeks to 7 weeks. In some cases it has found in 9th week also. So, you have only 1 week, I suggest you, wait for 1 more week and go again for scan, hope it will work. Good luck and Take care urself...   
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Question: I am 9week pregnant. my ultrasound scan shows irregular gestational sac. heart beat and yolk sac is visible. but growth is 0.75cm. is there any chance of miscarriage even after supply of progesterone for 2 weeks?
Answer: No dear becoz me also like u at starting but i had much level rest and more level care for 1st 4month then all thing normal so take care till start four month
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