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Question: My wife having conjectivitis, and my is 1 week. So what precaution should she take?

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Answer: Hi dear conjunctivitis is an infection so if you are wife is having conjunctivitis I would suggest you to take her to a doctor doctor might prescribe an eye drop, which needs to be applied to the eye in order to treat the infection so that it does not pass to the newborn baby in any way.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My wife is having frequently vomiting feeling and sometimes she have one also.. what should we do as a precaution?
Answer: Hi dear,vomiting is a common symptom in 1st trimester..But don't worry I'm giving u some home remedies- Pop a small piece of ginger in your mouth and suck on it when you feel nauseous.Start your day by drinking a glass of water with freshly-squeezed lemon and a spoonful of honey.have a cracker in morning before getting out of bed,have plenty of water .Hope this will help,Take care.
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Question: I m having twins and 10 weeks completed so what extra precaution I should take
Answer: Hi,with twins you need to be very careful You need to be very attentive on the duet that you are having Also you should be slow in your activities. You may feel more tired . You should take care of proper intake if calcium and vitamin You should have plenty of fruits and vegetables..and grains. You should have good AMT if calories You should keep monitoring your bp You need to be careful from getting preterm labor
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Question: One of my realative wife is 1 month pregnent, and she feels very unconscious and constipation, what precautions she should take and what is the reason behind this...
Answer: this is normal because some women react differently to the hormone changes in their body . she is having severe nausea that is causing her to feel dizzy. she could take drinks like Glucon D or aur lemonade or coconut water . she should tell eat healthy and take a lot of Vitamin C . for the constipation she can take psyllium husk in milk before sleeping
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Question: My wife is 16 week. Pregnant she is having fever what should i do.
Answer: Hello, it is best to take her to the doctor...as self medication is not advisable at this stage... Give her lots of warm water, soups and easily digestible foods like idli, rice ganji, kichdi...this will give her some strength and she will feel a little better... Hope she feels better soon...take care..
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