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Question: My wife having conjectivitis, and my is 1 week. So what precaution should she take?

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Answer: Hi dear conjunctivitis is an infection so if you are wife is having conjunctivitis I would suggest you to take her to a doctor doctor might prescribe an eye drop, which needs to be applied to the eye in order to treat the infection so that it does not pass to the newborn baby in any way.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I m having twins and 10 weeks completed so what extra precaution I should take
Answer: Hi,with twins you need to be very careful You need to be very attentive on the duet that you are having Also you should be slow in your activities. You may feel more tired . You should take care of proper intake if calcium and vitamin You should have plenty of fruits and vegetables..and grains. You should have good AMT if calories You should keep monitoring your bp You need to be careful from getting preterm labor
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Question: My wife has placenta previa and twin pregnancy, she is continuing with 7 months, what precaution have to take and what to do for normal and avoid predelivery
Answer: Hi Dear! Placenta previa is a condition where the placenta is formed at such a low line of uterus that it covers the cervix (opening of the uterus) partially or entirely which decreases your chance of vaginal delivery. It may occur due to any prior surgical procedure in Uterine cavity or for scarring upper lining tissues in uterus. It may cause heavy bleeding, premature birth of baby etc. However there are chances thst the placenta may move up automatically at a later stage of pregnancy as the uterus keeps on growing. She should take rest as much as possible, avoid climbing stairs, dont lift weight. Dont be dissappointed there are many successful stories of placenta previa who has given birth to healthy child, incase you are a first time parent i would suggest you to be mentally prepared for C-Section delivery. All the best!
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Question: My baby is just 6 month and 22 day today she is suffering from fever what precaution should be take
Answer: Hello If your baby is running a fever above 100 you should go to the doctor immidiately. If the temperature is less then you can give the paracetamol drop prescribed by your doctor after every 6 hours. Use a cold clean cloth to dab the baby s head. Keep the baby is loose clothes. Give your baby liquids as the baby might be cranky to eat during fever.
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