11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife has been sufferring from fever from today morning. What should we do now? She is 11 week pregnant.

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Answer: Fever is normal during first trimester its due to hormonal changes.... But still consult ur doctor bcoz every pregnancy is different and every body is different
Answer: Fever may be normal. But it can be sign of another disease. Plz observe your symptoms and take advice from your doctor.
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Question: My wife is 16 week. Pregnant she is having fever what should i do.
Answer: Hello, it is best to take her to the doctor...as self medication is not advisable at this stage... Give her lots of warm water, soups and easily digestible foods like idli, rice ganji, kichdi...this will give her some strength and she will feel a little better... Hope she feels better soon...take care..
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Question: my wife is pregnant but now she is getting fever what should i do?
Answer: Some women gets fever in their earlier pregnancy. That is no problem. You go to your Dr and she prescribed some tablets which is also given for normal fever in normal time. It doesn't hurt ur wife and her fetus. Since she is now a pregnant mother u should visit ur Dr for further clarification. All the medicines taken by her only prescribed by Dr.
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Question: My wife is 2 months pregnant. When she woke up today morning, she has been feeling stomach pain in the lower abdominal area. Please help what to do?
Answer: Getting lil abdominal at this stage is common. Is bleeding seen. If either pain increases or bleeding starts meet ur doc immediately
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