10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife doesn't eat well. And she doesn't drink water and milk also . How to solve this ??

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Answer: Food aversion , loss of appetite are part of early pregnancy. No need to take any large meals but in every 2-3 hours interval she should eat small portion food. It's important to keep hydrated during pregnancy.
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Question: My baby is 1 year and 10 months. She doesn't eat any fruit and doesn't drink milk. She has her own choices to eat. Suggest some tips to make my child eat fruits and drink milk.
Answer: You will give apple pure, banana smoothie, fruit juice try and you mix badam powder, u mix drufruits powder with milk u cut fruits different shapes like cartoon shape, letters shape .
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Question: My baby doesn't drink water.. I have tried to give her sugar added water but still she doesn't drink it.. I have started her to give food. But after having food she doesn't drink water and also milk.. Please help
Answer: Start giving water with spoon first..my baby is 1 year till now he wont drink water after each food he ll hve breast milk or alternatively i should give him coconut water
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Question: My baby is active, plays well and sleeps well but doesn't drink milk properly...she is on both BM and FM....i have to force her to drink milk but she doesn't take it
Answer: Now dey focus on playing so dey don't show interest in feeding. U feed time to time
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