30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife baby movement is less ,Is there any problem

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Answer: Baby movements become less during the last few weeks of pregnancy because there is very little room for your baby to move around. If there is no movement at all,please seek medical advice.
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Question: I am 36 week of pregnancy. Sometime there is less baby movement. Is there any problem..
Answer: Last trimester you would get a drop of movements by baby.it happens due to less space in your uterus.babybis rapidly growing and there is less space for it to move around.so unlike before,the frequency would be less.it had happened with me as well and I had I go for scan ,where I saw baby is moving but am not able to feel it ,as it is usual l g and hand movements,bit not major movements to impact us .but no matter what,to get some mental peace,you can definitely check it out by your doctor .
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Question: My baby movement is less for 2 days...us there any problem
Answer: Dear baby movement can be high low as baby Alos have active and lazy days so don't worry it's very normal and baby movement are important it can be high or low...
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Question: My baby movement was becoming very less hardly 6 to 7 times a day...is there is any problem?
Answer: Hi mommy don't worry you know baby also has active and lazy days because of which u can feel.high low movement sometime...
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