7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My wife avoids drinking milk. What are the alternatives available to her ?

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Answer: Hllo sir Milk s very essencial for every one specially pregnant women's. It's common some women's don't like milk during pregnancy as I also don't like then my friends suggested me to take milk in another way as milk s very compalsary for a pregnant women. as it s a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein,vitamins A, D and B12, riboflavin and niacin– found in white milk. if u dont like plain milk so we need to change their taste.. take milk wit choti ilachi +sugar. Milk wit Home made rose sharbat.. u can take mother horlicks wit milk as it improves babies birth weight .u can take Buttermilk..lassi... curd u can try diffrent kheer .as rice kherr.. sabudana kheer..sevai kheer makhana .kheer..take fruits custard.u can try diffrent shakes as mango shake ..banana shake.apple shake...watermelon smoothie..take oats wit milk oats r very healthy.. try this. Take Daliya wit milk.. u can try other dairy products as Paneer Cheese butter Curd Buttermilk . try it
Answer: milk is necessary, but still give her fress juices, coconut
Answer: Buttermilk, curd , badam milk
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Question: I dont feel like drinking milk.. can you pls suggest some good alternatives for it.
Answer: Hi! Calcium is extremely important in pregnancy for baby's bone development, and milk is the easiest source however if you are unable to have milk then you need to fulfil the calcium needs thorough other available food. *You can have kidney beans, chickpeas. *Almond, roasted chana *Leafy veggies like spinach *Sweet potatoes. These food are all calcium rich and helps in strenghthening bones. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is not drinking my milk due to my nippels are small.what are the remedies
Answer: In starting this problems come try to keep baby mouth on your nipple when baby will keep on sucking then nipple will become thick.
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Question: I am allergic to milk. Are there any alternatives?
Answer: Yes I am also allegeric to milk dear. But you can have curd, paneer, lassi or chaach in place of milk. It performs the same task🙂
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