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Question: My wife 29 weeks premature baby delivered and now baby in NICU. What should I do.

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Answer: Hi. First of all dont worry, at this time your wife needs your full support so be strong. Whats the reason of baby being delivered pre term? Whatever the reason would be always remember your doctors would do there best to improve babies health. So do keep checking your baby at time to time. .
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Question: My baby is in breech position n i m 29 weeks pregnant, what should i do now ..very tensed
Answer: Hello dear your baby is breech, it means he's poised to come out buttocks or feet first. Most breech babies are born healthy, they do have a slightly higher risk for certain problems than babies in the normal position do.
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Question: I got delivered last week. Baby is in NICU. How long it should be in NICU. Is there any problem being in nicu
Answer: Congratulations and welcome to motherhood 🙂 generally they keep baby for 5-6 days in NICU if the baby is suffering from jaundice. There is no problem in that they keep monitoring the baby and provide extra care, jaundice is very normal in newborn so your baby will be fine.
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Question: I delivered 31 weeks 3 days twins dcda baby. My babies in nicu.
Answer: Babies are born before 36 week of pregnancy that's why your baby are kept in NICU because your baby's lungs where is still developing and your baby and not able to breathe on their own self so don't worry
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