25 weeks pregnant mother

My weight was 50kg before pregnancy.now it is 63kg at 25weeks.is it normal??

Hi, during pregnancy you should gain about 1.5-2 kg of weight every month.so don't worry. You have gained 13 KS it is ok but you should be careful that you don't put on more weight so you should select a diet which is healthy and it doesn't even add on to the weight.
ysss it's completely normal.
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Question: My weight was 43 kgs before pregnancy.Now my weight is 45 kgs in 16th week.Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear,It is ok for weight to stay either stagnant or even loose slighly during the first trimester due to the excess vamiting,nausea,loss of appetite etc due to hormonal changes in the bodySince you have gained 2 kgs,by the 16th week,it is actually a good start.Check your bmi using this formula weight(in kg)/Height (in meter square).If your bmi was normal before pregnancy-your total ideal weight gain during pregnancy would be 10-15 kgs. If it was lower than normal-your total weight gain would be 15-20 kgs ideally. In your case I am guessing it is low bmi,so try gaining about 15 kgs atleast throughout pregnancy. Include a lot of protein,healthy fats and calcium rich food in your diet-chicken,egg,paner,tofu,soyabean,lentils,2 glasses of milk,dryfruits like almont/walnut/figs in your daily routine.
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Question: Hi....my weight was62kg before pregnancy now 63kg at 17weeks .its normal
Answer: Zessss it's normal. Day by day it increase. In 9 th month app 10kg weight increase
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Question: My weight before pregnancy was 50kg....Now also its 50kg....no gain in weight...is it a problem?and how to gain weight please suggest.
Answer: No problem dear Kisi ki ka wait 5 months ke baad gain hota hài not to worry Bacha healthy ho .. apke weight SE koi problem nhi hài .
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