3 months old baby

Question: My weight s increasing day by day... Hw can I reduce my weight? My milk s nt enough for my baby so I'm giving formula milk to him... Bt that's also nt sufficient for him... Can I try solid food to my baby...

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Answer: No first remove frm Ur mind tat u r milk s nor sufficient.pls try to feed when bby ask don't start solid now bt u cn give FM and if u feed iu will loose weight
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Question: hi my baby is 2.5months old, how to increase breast milk ? it's not sufficient for him so I'm giving formula milk also
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry less BM is common issue and will resolve it , once you try the tested home remidies, medicines should only be suggested by doctors because you are breastfeeding so only doctors can advise which medicine will be safe..I hope you understand.. I am suggesting you my tried home remedies which really worked for me: 1.Drink lots and lots of water you will feel difference once you increase the water intake. 2. Milk porridge is best one..its tasty and healthy. 3. Papaya will protect you and baby from constipation. 4.Almond dipped in water. 5.Suji and milk kheer. 6. Sucking by your baby..the more baby will suck the more milk you will produce. 7.Have cow milk. All these remedies worked for me...you can also try...I hope you will find them helpful..take care
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Question: Weight gaining solid food for 6 month baby He s under formula milk
Answer: Fruits are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fruits like apple, chikoo, papaya,banana, watermelon, avocado, etc. are great options for a snack or a meal . Give rice vegetables and home made ceralc
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Question: My baby s 15 days old. Mother feed s not sufficient for him. When can we give formula milk to him. Pls suggest good brand
Answer: Oh dear . don't think like that ... You have sufficient milk if you take food and water properly. Look our mind has great power.always be positive. As your baby is small nothing will substitute for your milk.whatever the best brand be. You have to take 3 liters of water daily.you have to know the correct amount of water you are drinking.water itself have to attain 3liter.does not include other fluids like juice,soup, coffee etc. All these are extra.. Buy a 1 liter cup.then easy to measure. Take oats daily as break fast.very good to increase milk. Take fenugreek Take sprouted green gram Take drumstick leaves curry Take jeera Drink one glass of water. Take all these . your milk will increase.no doubt Always be happy.tension reduces your milk supply.always have good thoughts.. Think positive as " I have enough milk to feed my baby".our mind have great power... Always feed the baby.it will also increase milk.. It is a natural process after delivery every mother will have enough milk to feed their own babies Only After doing these for 2 weeks if you don't have enough milk.you can consult the doctor to get medicine to improve your milk supply.. Similac 1,nano 1 , lactogen 1 all are good.for 1 scoop 30 ml of water.this is the method. Thank you
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