1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my weight is near abt 80 ...now we want babby is it ok with my weight or its have complications

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Answer: If you are over weight then conceiving normally would be difficult. First thing to do is to change your diet to add more healthy stuff. Reduce junk and oily food. Start exercising atleast for half an hour a day. Drink more water.
Answer: Your will suggest you better.
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Question: Along with breastfeeding its ok to give formula milk ro babby becoz she is not ganning tge weight.
Answer: Hi dear u should only and only give breastmilk to ur baBy for the first 6 Months. There is nothing better than breastmilk I'm this whole universe for the first 6 Months of the age of baby. No formula milk no solid nothing can give proper neutrition. So plz don't give anYthg other than ur milk. Baby will gain weight if needed.
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Question: My weight is 87 kg is it OK can I have normal delivery or any complications during pregnancy???
Answer: Hi dear, By gaining too much weight while pregnant can raise your risk for birth complications like c section delivery and premature birth. And even if you start pregnancy overweight or obese sticking to the recommended range of weight gain can significantly reduce your risk of health problems like diabetes. I can understand how difficult it could get to reduce weight. But reduce or gain it in a healthy way.try the following tips: 1- starting the pregnancy at healthy weight,which you have already done it .so good job! 2- eat in moderation and more frequently.it would help you check your sugar and also increase metabolism. 3- eat complex carbs.like oats,brown rice, wholewheat and quinoa.they digest slow and keep you full for longer time 4-keep moving.include light exercises,like walking and swimming in your daily routine.it not only would check on your weight but also ensure flexiblity 5-plenty fluids.drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water to keep you hydrated and flush out toxins. Donot force yourself to starve and crash diet.it would harm you and your growing baby. Weight would increase,as your body's hormones and water retention increases. Amniotic fluid also adds on. So donot worry much,post deliverey the weight would go and slowly through breastfeeding and healthy life style you can get back your pre pregnancy weight .
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Question: Hi my babby is 80 daya old am breastfeeding now my weight is 110 can i try Herbalife for my weight loss will it affect my baby ah
Answer: Hello dear i have no idea about Herabalife but Just ignore the excess weight for at least the six months. Ur bm is like a boon for these six months.And actually, you might want to wait six months or even longer before actively trying to lose the weight. It takes about that long for baby to adapt to the rhythms of the outside world, and for both baby and mom to get a hang of breastfeeding. You don’t need the outside distraction of a rigid diet or exercise plan. Breastfeeding for six months built immunity strong of ur little once.
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