20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My weight is 98 kg n bmi is 34 obese.. what to do now ?

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Question: Hi, Actually my bmi level is 31 - obese, will be any complications and what kind care need to be taken?
Answer: Hi dear it is always suggested to start your pregnancy with a healthy weight because during pregnancy also there is a lot of weight gain around 11 to 15 kgs of weight gain is normal during pregnancy and if you are already obese with the BMI level 31 then I would suggest you to please check on the food items that you consume during your pregnancy please avoid sugary items fried junk food and carb rich food items from your diet be active listen to what your doctor says and also do not over eat please eat whenever you feel hungry and keep snacking in between so that you never get the Hunger pang and eat a lot at a go also have healthy fats and avoid trans fat and saturated fat which are available in canned juices and packaged food that's how you can control your weight in pregnancy and please be positive about yourself and your pregnancy because a lot of obese people also deliver normal child so please don't worry .. All the best!
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Question: hiii m 34 weeks pregnant. my weight is 65.7 kg n my baby is 1.7 kg... what should i do????
Answer: Hello Dear, Congratulations For low baby weight u should improve and increase ur diet now heavy protein meals- cheese, paneer,pulses if u have non-veg diet then its easier eggs and meat even fats- desi ghee, butter as they increase ur weight too.. continue vitamin and mineral supplements (should prescribed by Doctor)and most important eat whatever u feel like eating and in good quantity hope ur baby put on weight fast. dont worry..  Good Luck
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Question: My afi is 3cm. Cervix is open. Is normal delivery possible? My bmi is high,obese
Answer: Hello! Yes, normal delivery is possible. But again there are lot of factors to confirm finally you will have a normal delivery or not. Take care
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