24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my weight is 60 kg my baby weight is 605 gms ....ye sahi h???

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Answer: At 24 weeks it shud be around 600gm...so its fine
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    Shalini Vishnoi767 days ago

    foetal age is 23 wks 4 days

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    Swati N/A767 days ago

    at 25th week it shud b 660g

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Question: My baby Foetal weight is 1759 gms.... ye sahi h kya pls say me
Answer: Hello Drink tang or glucon d it works like magic to make baby Eat lots of ghee diary and butter packed meals. U should eat 5 to 6 meals in a day. Keep small snacks like cheese nuts raisins dry fruits biscuits sweets of ur choice ice creams yogurt etc. Spread peanut butter on bread apples if ur able to eat it as it's very helpful in gaining weight and filled with nutrients. U can eat eggs meat. Keep your self well hydrated eat on time try to eat fruits and vegetables lentils etc add lots of fats and oils help in gaining weight and filled with nutrients.
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Question: Mera 6month h and weight of baby is 412 GMS (+/- 41 GMS) ye thik h weight
Answer: 6 month me baby ka weight 1.32 pounds hona chahiye. 412gms=0.90 pounds. Baby ka weight kam hai. Take proper diet rich in protein nutritious food.
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Question: Mera baby 11 month ka h uska weight 9 kg hi h kya ye sahi h
Answer: Hi dear 11 to 12th month me baby ka weight 3 times birth weight se ho jana chahiye. So aap check kare wo hua hai ya nahi. Agar hai tho tension ki baat nahi hai
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Question: M 7th month pregnant n my weight is 60 kg what is my baby weight
Answer: Hi. Baby weight doesnt depends on your weight dear. In 30 week youe baby should weight approx 1.3 kg. This is atandard weight of baby in 7 month in womb. Good luck.
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