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Question: My weight is 82kgs .. how can I lose my weight

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Answer: Hi. Hi dear. Have Healthy variant rather than fatty have fatty food sometimes that won't matter much and small regular exercise helps in maintaining weight Do slow walking, reduce sugar intake, avoid excess oily food. 1. Eat moderately and multiple times a day 2.Cravings can lead to weight gain hence make sure you dont over eat by having alternate food choices.. like eat chikkis instead of sweets, eat a fresh fruit yogurt instead of ice cream, eat vegetable sticks dipped in sauces instead of chips etc 3.Hydrate yourself well. Make sure you drink atleast 3- 3.5 litres of water. 4.Make exercise a part of your life. If you already started dont stop itk
Answer: Do daily exercise and cut the amount of food.drink plenty of fluids.
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Question: My weight is 60kg. I want to lose my weight before pregnancy. How to lose weight?
Answer: Hi dear, What is your height? I wanted to know if you are really obese .only your body mass index could tell that.for that we need you height and weight ratio.anythong above 24 is considered much weight you need to reduce could be determined only through BMI.nonmatter what,healthy weight means healthy diet with exercises.avoid sugar in what ever lit of fibre and less carbs.rather eat complex carbs like oats,quinoa,brown rice,whole wheat lot of lean protein which helps in burning calories by building muscles.take plenty of water to increase your metabolism.avoid junk oily deep fried stuff,avoid all packed and tinned food.take less sodium.also include regular exercises.
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Question: how can i lose my weight during pregnancy becoz my weight is over
Answer: Reduce intake of rice.. eat pulka for dinner.. drink more and more water and take fluids.. eat more fruits and less rice.. completely avoid sweets and walk more.. I used to walk for 2hrs per day throughout my pregnancy.. But u r just 8weeks pregnant.. so start walking more after 16 weeks. Plz like my comment if u feel its helpful ☺ Plz like my comment if u feel its helpful
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Question: How can I lose my weight
Answer: Do exercise and start your dieting plank everyday.
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