34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my weight is 90 kgs my baby please size small increase the baby weight

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Answer: Drink plenty of water take only healthy foods. Avoid eating junks,oily foods,sweets. Take more dairy products but I guess you need to start your exercise to at least maintain your weight. Don’t put on more weight dear. Babies usually grow and put on weight tremendously in the last few weeks of pregnancy so don’t worry baby will definitely gain good weight take care.
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Question: I 'm suffering from the problem of small size breast please tell how to increase the size of breast
Answer: Hi dear. first of all if your overall gain body weight is low then you should try to gain some weight and their roles of particular exercises which can help you in increasing your breast milk supply for example daily rotating your arms in anticlockwise position will help you a lot and you can also check to YouTube and there you will get too many exercises which will help you a lot.
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Question: How increase the size of the nipple iam having five days baby he is not suckking properly.because my nipple is small please suggest how to increase the size of the nipple
Answer: Ready made nipples are available which you can can stuck in your breast and it will be helpful for baby to have feed ....
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Question: My nipple size is very small so baby doesn't suck the milk.how can i increase my nipple size?
Answer: Put coconut oil and do a massage n pull out to increase size
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