23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 24 week ultrasound baby wait 682 gm and heart rate 153 min it's normal mam..

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Answer: Yes weight should be around 600g, so 648 is fine. A normal fetal heart rate (FHR) usually rangesfrom 120 to 160 beats per minute (bpm) in the in utero period.
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    Suradhani Bora836 days ago

    Yes Mam.. and normal fetal length in this week

Answer: Yes
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Question: Moi 22 week pregnent but my 20 week ultrasound se baby wait 347 gm and heart rate 148 min its normal mam.
Answer: You can eat egg whites and bananas everyday. But not more than one or two. In a week you can eat maximum 2 egg yolks and not more than that. Apart from eggs you can eat sweet potato, nuts, beans and lentils, orange juice, curd, oats these will help your baby grow Baby weight is good dear. it should be 240 - 360. Heaartbeat is ok
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Question: Is 153 b/min. Heart rate is normal?
Answer: Hello! Yes dear it is absolutely normal. Anything above 120 is normal. Take care
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Question: today my anomaly scan done.... it said placenta fundal, anterior, right lateral, grade 0.. what does it mean? heart rate 153/min is it normal? weight 249 gm
Answer: Please start eating more healthy fiber and protein rich food to increase baby weight
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Question: My baby's weight is 313grm and heart rate is 153 at week 20..is everything alright?
Answer: My dear your babies weeks and heart rate as per weeks of pregnancy is absolutely normal nothing to worry about.
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