37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 35 week running.from yesterday night having back pain and also leg cramps.wt it sign?

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Answer: Hello! Back pain and leg pain is common in pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about it. For back pain try to give some warm compress. Take a hot water bottle, wrap it in towel and take warm compress. Drink lots of water and change your position. Also do some exercises. For leg cramps, Stretch your calf muscles immediately by straightening your leg, heel first, and gently flexing your toes back toward your shins. (Don't point your toes while stretching. It can make the muscle contract and worsen the cramp.) This stretch might hurt at first, but it will ease the spasm and gradually make the pain go away. After you stretch, massage the muscle or warm it with a hot water bottle to relax the tissue. Walking around for a few minutes may help too.
Answer: Rush to doctor
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    Preeti Mehra1031 days ago

    yes I gone ...but doc gave me celphic injection and told for usg baby is in breech position in 32 weeks

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Question: I m 35 week pregnant i feel pain in my back it is sign of labour
Answer: Hi. Sometimes false pains ll be there in this stage...just drink plenty of water and do take jeera water with butter added to relieve from pain...on labor you ll get more frequent kicks of baby and unbearable pain..
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Question: Hi I am having periods type pain in my lower back and stomach since yesterday..also I entered into 9 month yesterday..is it normal or any sign?
Answer: Hi Dear! Lower back cramps or stomach cramps can trigger labor as you r alrdy in an advanced stage.. Pls keep your Gynae informed abt the cramp and follow his instruction. Hope this helps!
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Question: From yesterday. I amsuffering from back n leg pain is it a sign of labour??
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