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Question: My 1 week old baby passed yellow urine today . Does it mean jaundice

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Answer: No it is not necessary. Does the baby or her eyes look yellow. If yes see a doctor.
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Question: My.4 months old baby is doing yellow urine.. What does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, yellow urine indicates dehydration in small babies. Feed baby frequently & if needed give,30 ml of water in between feed. If you recently started any Medicine of yellow or dark colour then also yellow urine could be yellow, hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 1 month old today he passed urine 2 times is it ok?
Answer: No dear, baby should urinate atleast 1 time every 6-8 hours. Baby is not getting enough fluid from milk. Increase feeding quantity and try to feed every 2 hours.
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Question: My baby girl she is 11th month old...today she passed urine only twice since morning...the colour of urine is light yellow. Is it normal???
Answer: Hello dear, this could be water retention so make sure to give her more and more liquid so that the urine can come frequently.
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