32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 32nd week of pregnancy going on. For calcium, i m taking triple A cal-d tablet. It contains 150 mg of calcium. So my question is- Is 150 mg of calcium per day sufficient? Or more mg dose is required? If yes then how much?

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Question: Hi... I'm giving my baby calcium n multi vitamin drops.. But both the drops together contains 250 iu of vitamin d..so my baby gets only 250 iu of vitamin d per day.. Is it OK?
Answer: Dear You are breastfeeding, that has enough and more vitamins. Then baby eats other foods, all that has enough and more vitamins for the baby Don't worry Give baby good food
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Question: after delivery iron calcium tablet is necessary? if yes then after how much time of C-section delivery
Answer: hello.. dear generally after delivery iron and calcium preferablly doctor suggests 4-6 weeks.. follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: Hi, what is the dose of calcium tablet that is required during pregnancy- 500 mg or 1000 mg
Answer: 1000 Mg dr, drink milk that's good for baby dr, happy pregnancy if ur satisfied with my answer plz mark it as useful
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