38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My 38 week just started...cervix has not dialated...baby has not dropped....what can i do...my placenta is grade 3...doc said she will see 10 more days....

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Answer: Hello, Do you ask your doctor questions? If so and Doctor refuses to answer them then I would be concerned. But not being dilated is alright. It is considered normal to deliver anywhere between 37 & 42 weeks so you still have a while before you would be considered overdue. When i was in 37 weeks and at each appointment my doctor listens to baby heart beat and checks my cervix but has never measure my stomach. Don't be afraid to voice your concerns with your doctor. Mine always asks if I have any questions or concerns before leaving.
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    Madhuri Malik946 days ago

    My doc Listens to my questions...buy never measured my stomach...she sd she ll see till week 40 if not dilated she will induce

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Question: Hi, 39 week has started but baby has not dropped down yet. Do I still have chances of vaginal delivery? In my previous scan the baby position is fine. it has just not dropped down
Answer: Even for me also baby head was not engggaed in 38 week...mine was an induced delivery in 38 weeks 2 days...doctors did induction and it went well....if ur body will respond to induction chances are there for normal delivery..
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Question: 38 weeks pregnant my cervix is not dialated yet what should I do to dialate my cervix .. my due date is sep10th
Answer: Hello dear Take 1 spoon of castor oil mix with 4 ounces of orange juice and have it everyday early in the morning. It will help u to dilate ur cervix. But take castor oil only after consulting ur doctor.
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Question: Hi i m 38+1 pregnant . From last 10 days my cervix is just dilste one finger loose , what should i do for more dilate cervix, plz suggest.
Answer: Walk as much as possible, baby will automatically drop and push from inside due to walking gravity. Cervix will dilate gradually
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